χάρη σε αυτό έγινα το 1997

distinguished member of the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF POETS

στην Washington D.C.

και ο τότε Πρόεδρος CLINTON

μού επέδωσε πλακέτα και σχετικό σηματάκι της εταιρείας σε καρφίτσα για το πέτο

(την έχω ακόμα, αν και πολλά άλλα χάθηκαν εν τω μεταξύ).


Το ουσιώδες παραμένει… Ευτυχώς…


Athens, Greece

Unicorns Of The Desert

Be mellow like clouds
Be mellow like tempestuous sea
with tranquil depth
Be mellow like cyprus trees
inflamed by thunder
Be mellow with the sword
in the holy war your psyche
summons you
Be mellow like the thorn
piercing the breast
of a nightingale
compelling it to sing
Be mellow like the dagger
plunged into your flesh
to whiten
the lungs in light
Be mellow amongst ogresses
dwelling in your chamber
be gallant
gaze at them if you may
for above water Medusa
becomes a lump of clay
Be mellow hearken to the song of the sirens
fasten on the one spar
with Ulysses
But alas
if at the moment
of the most exquisite happiness
you plug your ears
your sanity shall be lost
Be mellow even encountering your demon
ejecting swords
sow them in your chest
like a helmet
Be mellow
and let the indian uttering
that once you find your other shelf
you shall perish
swing along with it
in the water of the one cave
bite its tongue
pierce its frame through daily
for if you feel remorse
you shall be lost.
Be mellow
sleepless for eternity
if you must
sowing flowers in the desert
to be uprooted by simoon
Be mellow
like the sword
without a sheath.